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The Agora Marketplace is your portal to access powerful business solutions, effective marketing strategies, cutting-edge technology, advanced learning platforms, creative products, special deals, and discounts!

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The Agora Marketplace
Agora Compass Tech Support

Whether you need Emergency Help or want to be a part of monthly Group tech calls (Up to 12 per Month), Agora Compass Tech Support is here for you.

Our Highly Skilled tech team is ready to help you overcome any challenges you may have with the Agora Compass.

Tech Support Packages

  • Group Tech Support  
  • $99/Month 
  • 12 Live Group Sessions/Month

  • Group + Private Tech Support
  • $189/Month 
  • 12 Live Group Sessions/Month
  • Three 30 Minute Session

  • Priority Support
  • "Head of the Line" 
  • $129 One-Time Fee 
  • Up to 1 Hour of Priority Support
  • We help you within 48 to 72 Business Hours

  • Rush Order 
  • "Emergency" 
  • $199 One-Time Fee 
  • Up to 1 Hour of Priority Support
  • We help you within 24 Hours
  • Including Most Weekends


Joseph Jeralds

Phone (text first): (618) 434-9029


Dr. Greg Sanders 

Phone (text first): (618) 335-9468